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Demographic Studies on Captive South China Tigers
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Authors:WANG Wei SHEN Qingyong YIN Yuzhong
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Keywords:South China tiger ( Panthera tigris amoyensis) ; Captive population ; Gene diversity ; Inbreeding coefficient
Publication Year·Volume·Issue(Page):2003·23·No.1(6-9)
 From 1963 - 2000 , a total of 307 South China tigers ( Panthera tigris amoyensis) were recorded in the regional studbook. During 38 years of breeding in captivity , a total of 287 cubs were born with 122 litters in Chinese zoos or parks. Our analyes using SPARKS and GENES softwares indicated that the gene diversity of the South China tigers has been decreased while the inbreeding coefficient has been increased since 1977. The captive population consists of 57 individuals descended from 6 founders with a total of 37 males and 20 females (M/F = 1.85) . Current captive group is distributed in 22 zoos or parks , with a high risk of extinction.
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