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Authors:WU Baosun
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Keywords:Finless perpoise,Neophocaena phocaenoides,Spinal cord.Lateral thoracic nucleus,Lateral,lumbocaudal mucleus,cytoarchitecture.
Publication Year·Volume·Issue(Page):1989·9·No.1(16-23)

      Based on three  fresh specimens caught accidently from the Yangtze River near Nanjing in the spring of 1984,a neuroanatomical,histological and cytoarchitural investigation of the spinal cord of Finlees perpoise(Neophocaena phocaenoides)had brought us a good result.Frozen sections of the spinal cord of one animal (NJNU 0149) were cut at 70 microns.The nerve cells were stained with 1%  thionine  in alcohol.
Forty- four pairs of the spinal nerves were found in gross anatomy.The descriptive formula of the spinal cord of all the three specimens was 8 cervical,13 thoracic and 23lumbocaudal segments.
   there are some differences in characteristics of the general features and transvers  secticns of the spinal cord between Finless porpoise and
Eubalaena glacailis.Balaenoptera physalus and phocoena.These differences are distribution in this article.
   Though the nerve cells are poor in the gray
matter,their distribution was regular,
According to the variation on the nerve celltype s,their feature, their deasity.their
distribution and cytoarchitecture patterns.the author divided the gray matter into 10 layers.The layer division of Finless porpoise is similar to that of cats (R xed.1954)and other mammals.
  The relation between some nucleus and layers in the gray matter was observed.The lateral cervical nucleus was located at the 1ateral funiculus of cervical segments in the spinal cord.It contained four types of nerve cells
with island-like distribution and its structure was evidently similar to those in sperm whales (seki,1984).
   A specific cell group was located closely lateral to the dorsal horns of the thoracic
segments (8- 13)and lumbocaudal segments (1,6, 8 ,11,17,19)of the spinal cord.After the precise comparative anatomical and histological jnvestigations.the author found that most of those nerve cells were triangular,others were shuttle-shaped.They were beading-like in
arran- gement or scattered.
   The structure of the specific cel1 groups in the thoracic and lumbocaudal segments was thought to be corresponding to the lateral Cervical nueleus.Thess findings were first noted in cetacea.therefore the author suggested that the specific cell groups in the thoracic and lumbocaudal segments may be named the lateral thoracical nueleus and ‘the lateral lumbocaudal nucleus’rsspectively. In the lateral thor- acical nucleus and the centripetal fiber of the nerve cell connecting with the V layer of dorsal hore was observed.Those e.11 groups probably belong to the spino—thoraco—thalamic relay system or the spino-lumbocaudo-thalamic relay system just as the lateral cervical nucle—us does.


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