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Preliminary study on parturition behavior of semifree-ranging Amur tigers (Panthera tigris altaica)
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Authors:ZHANG Minghai,ZHANG Changzhi,LIU Dan
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Keywords:Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica);Parturition behavior;Semifree-anging;Time budget
Publication Year·Volume·Issue(Page):2006·26·No.3(255-261)
Using ad libitum, scanning, and focal animal sampling methods, we studied the parturition behavior of 12 semifree-ranging female Amur tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) at Heilongjiang Amur Tiger Park in Harbin from Arpil 1999 to June 2003. Nine types of behaviors were identified: standing, stepping, lying, sniffing, abdominal contraction, grooming, birthing, licking kittens, licking (not kittens) and eating.The behaviors that accounted for most of the total time budget during the parturition period were lying and licking kittens,42.9% and 34.5% , respectively. The behaviors that occurred most frequently were licking kittens (24. 6% ), lying (21.1% ), and abdominal contraction (16.9%). Using one-way ANOVA, we determined that female Amur tigers are different in the amount of time they spend lying and licking kittens. There were also significant differences in standing, lying, and grooming behaviors of female Amur tigers in different years. Spearman Rank correlation showed negative correlations between lying vs licking kittens (rs = 0. 602, P < 0. 01) and lying vs grooming (rs = 0.589, P < 0. 05).
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