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AILING: the First Domesticated Tibetan Antelope
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Authors:SU Jianping LIAN Xinming CAO Yifan CUI Qinghu ZHANG Tongzuo
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Keywords:AILING, Tibetan antelope , Domestication , Off site conservation
Publication Year·Volume·Issue(Page):2003·23·No.1(83-84)

AILING, a male and the first successfully domesticated Tibetan antelope ( Pantholops hodgsoni) , seen on the cover page , was saved by the conservators of Kekexili National Natural Reserve in early July of 2001. He has lived with a herd of sheep and goats belonging to a family of Tibetan herdman for about 17 months , and been matured by 115 years of age with enlarged scrotums , descended testicles , adult-male-like body color and sexual behaviors. He has a body length of 117.8 cm , ear length of 10.8 cm , horn length of 32.2 cm , shoulder height of 79.6 cm and buttocks height of 78.2 cm. He has the same characteristics as the domestic animals , such as not fearing of people and other animals , adapting to the extensive husbandry , tying to the artificial supplementary food. All these mean that AILING has been a domesticated animal , which makes the off site conservation of Tibetan antelope possible.

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